Food is for fun until they are one/vomit!

One word for you….. WEANING! Everyone thinks “this will be fun” or my favourite “We will all be like mother earth and puree only vegetables grown in my garden”.By the way I take my hat off to you if you have the time, patience and passion to do that…I cant actually keep a sunflower alive, so wasn’t going to try a vegetable patch, that is too much responsibility for me. In my case, I was actually not looking forward to the weaning process…it seemed like a lot of faff and tears both mine (burnt my hand on a steamer) and the babies. Why? because the babies do not understand why they are being placed in a white chair of plastic and fed mush…they have only ever known that milk was how they were fed.

What people don’t tell you is that the vomit will be stinky, vile and do not on any given puree/weaning day for your sanity wear white.
You will probably (if you haven’t done so already) get the white IKEA high chair, because its cheap and you can just wipe it clean with ease (so they say). Buy all your spoons, bowls, bibs, ice cube trays etc and start a Sunday of prepping for the weeks ahead of pureed mush (this was me). That is unless you decide to do baby lead weaning or as the cool kids call it “#BLW” Once, when this # was sent to me I thought someone had fed their child a Bacon Lettuce and Whatever sandwich…then they explained it….still personally scares me, so I give some finger foods alongside a puree to incorporate the two.

So, there I was giving my child some broccoli as finger food (lovingly steamed) and some cauliflower puree. There was gagging, and a lot of projectile vom on to the carpet, across the high chair table, in the seat, all over the baby and more importantly my naked foot!! I kid you not this was like something from the exorcist as I had never seen so much puke being sprayed about from such a small person! I then also wanted to vomit, I literally did not know where to start, I grabbed a carrier bag and some kitchen roll and started to try and clean the tray, whilst my child was sitting in chair going about their day as if this was completely acceptable, whilst trying to eat the regurgitated broccoli mid sobs because I kept removing it from their little hands…so I now also had the addition of puke soaked broccoli in my hand and crying snot to contend with. I gave up pulled the child out of the high chair, stripped them and threw their clothes in to the washing machine. Picked up the now white, green and orange high chair and took it outside to clean down. Vanished the carpet and more importantly my foot! I then started all over on again with lunch. The IKEA chair is known as the “white chair of doom in my house”


The white chair of doom!

Following my now mentally scarred experience, I swiftly purchased a high chair floor protector…lets not kid ourselves its just a bit of laminate you put under the high chair to protect your carpet if you do not have room in your kitchen to feed your child. p.s. you can get it from Amazon Prime which lets be honest Amazon Prime parents will be essential to our survival as stuff arrives the next day and we don’t have to dash to the shops if we don’t want to (me)/are having a tough day (me)/ cant be bothered to get dressed (also me) High Chair Floor Protector

Some useful (maybe not) tips:

I got a lot of my items to commence weaning as add-ons from Amazon Prime as well, which makes it cheaper. It made it easier getting everything delivered on one day.

You do not need to purchase a tommee tippee all in one steamer blender, you can steam and mash, or steam and blender/ nutribullet or boil whatever you need to. I also purchased the following items:

* 2 ice cube trays with lids – the trays were rubber because I find it easier to twist the trays to get the cubes out and do not have the patience to fight an ice cube tray once everything is frozen Ice Cube Trays
*Sandwich bags to put frozen cubes once frozen. I labelled up the bags with what was in them as Carrot and Sweet Potato do actually look the same.
*weaning spoons – Any you like
*Bib – I actually went with a rubber tommee tippee one. My child hates it, so we now just strip to her nappy and clean her afterwards
*Lunch bag cheapest I could find, so we could do the weaning joy anywhere…and inflict the food tantrums on the general public…naturally there are unicorns…Unicorn Bag
*drink cup – We went through several, just pick which ever one your child will drink out of.

One thing to mention…all babies do a gagging face on pureed carrot. I have absolutely no idea why, they just do…maybe its the texture?!!?! Either way, it makes me want to vom whenever the gagging noise is made.

Do not ever beat yourself up, start thinking you are a bad parent because you find yourself down the pre pured aisle picking up sachets…I’ve already done it…one of my cupboards is dedicated to pre made sachets. Often if you sign up to HIPP, or Ella’s Kitchen they do give you discount vouchers, or in some cases free sachets. (everyone loves a freebie!)

Finally, do have fun/experiment with it. Our kids are experiencing something completely new, it is meant to be fun whilst they learn how to eat solids. Some days they will want to eat loads, other days they may not. Some days I fancy a fry up, others just a bowl of cereal, babies are the same they just may or may not vomit before/during/afterwards.