TOTS100 - UK Parent Blogs

A Thirty something Mum winging her way through Motherhood. Offering an at times humorous view on parenting. Currently planning on blogging about:

  • Any normal clothing that doesn’t cost an arm, leg or kidney to purchase because it is not specifically made for nursing . Also any clothing that I think may come in handy to hide the areas we don’t like post pregnancy.  I will share with you. Along with discount codes etc if I find any…..as I am on maternity leave I love to shop on a budget you never know it could come in handy!
  • Lazy parenting hacks….any tips or tricks I have picked up along the way to get my little darling to sleep when I needed them to or how to not get bogged down thinking you need to do certain things when in reality you really don’t have to.
  • Highlight the kitchen sink load of stuff that you do/don’t need to take to hospital when the time comes, 90% of the stuff you have and potentially won’t need…that is unless you like it and just want to take it along for giggles and kicks
  • I do breastfeed my child (I wont ram this down your throat, anyway you feed your child is actually the RIGHT way)
  • Where and how to save money for things you might be interested in….or not!
  • Generally write stuff down even if it’s a whinge / whine whilst drinking wine to vent about my day….

I suppose I should write that Legal bit you know where this view is of my own and not anyone else’s….its an opinion that may not always be the right one blah blah blah..Not that anyone will read this.